Who is Simona Halep ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Simona Halep, or more often called by name Simona, is a tennis player, Romania’s famous professional tennis court because of performance proud of success inscribed. Simona was born September 27, 1991 (Age: 32 years old in 2023) in Constanta Romania, and decided to start a career since year 2006.

Biography & Wiki

Since small Simona like sport, especially running, and tennis. Since 4 years old, Simona started directed for Become, an athlete registered at school and club sport. Moments later, Simone decides to become a representative school following a competition in tennis.

Year 2008 capability Simona in play tennis Keep going experience improvement. Simona starts following competition tennis junior field in Australian Open Junior Championships and Becomes winner. During her career at junior level, Simona succeed enter in 9th seeded junior class.

In 2014 Simona succeeded in entering the senior class. Simona competed against many other senior tennis players. During her senior class, Simona has entered the list of number 7 players tennis best wins in any competition.

Simona as a tennis player attracts attention, of a number, especially selling products sport. Simona succeeded get contract work as a fashion model for brands such as Adidas and Nike. Two big brands that make Simona reach high success in modeling field.

Year 2016 Simone returned to work as a brand ambassador with Romanian company Vodafone, watch products famous Hublot and Mercedes -Benz company Romanian origin. Simona always takes advantage of social media to do promotion.

Simona many appear in news or magazine; many famous tell her journey with full inspiration.

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Physical Appearance

Simona has a tall body of 168 cm and a weight of 50 kg. Simona hair long colored black with eyeballs colored chocolate. Besides that, Simona also has a proportional body, a very athletic body, with a nose pointy and skin-colored chocolate. To guard her health. Simona avoids drinking alcohol and cigarettes, himself, also very no, like tattoos and piercing that only will hurt her body.

Moment career as athlete, Simona once To do operation in the. Though most person To do operation for raising, different with Simona did operation for zoom out size.

Who is Simona Halep ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth


Simona is a child from couple Steer Halep and Tania Halep. Simona has one sibling, a biological woman named Nicolae Halep. Simona likes to watch or To-do sports; even Simona and family have a timetable activity for To-do sport in a routine manner.

Boyfriend & Husband

Simona intertwines with Toni Luruc, and becomes one of the most romantic couple, in harmony, both of them often seen in uploads on social media. Both of them decided to marry in year 2020 month of September in America Union, specifically in Constanta area with carry theme of Traditional Aromanians. Simona Middle enjoys her happiness as a couple husband wife new, them stay in a luxurious apartment with facilities luxury life.

Net Worth

The amount owned by Simona as an athlete is of US$2 million.

Trivia & Facts

Simona Becomes wrong one player tennis which is not have posture body high, however known will her agility in field. This shows that Simona is capable resolve deficiency with her physique very well.

Simona also very like sport football. Wrong, one of her favorite football teams is Team Romania. Even Simona and family will be willing to spare time only for watching her favorite team compete.

Simona used up a small period in Constanta, however, himself decided to move to Bucharest for the sake of focusing on a career as a tennis player. Simona willing far from family by reach her dream as a professional athlete.

Through life in scope sports, Simona, it turns out, very idolized Justine Henin and Andrei Paul. Simona confesses many get inspiration from the second character, who she idolized.

Simona also always use social media to communicate with fans, even Simona many accept recommendations for a destination holiday from fans.


During her career as an athlete in tennis, Simona has won 16 titles in singles in Premier Mandatory, Indian Wells Master, and Madrid Open.

Wrong, one most prestigious achievement and proud of Simona is Becomes champion in Roland Garoos in 2018 Grand Slam tournament.

Simona Becomes wrong one player emerging tennis always awaited by para fans, this has based on a well-known survey institute America.

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FAQs of Simona Halep

Who is Simona Halep?

She is a professional tennis player from Romania

How Old is Simona Halep?

She is 32 years old (as of 2023).

Why is Simona Halep famous?

Because of the ability to play tennis and beauty that is owned.

Who is Simona Halep Boyfriend or Husband?

Her husband is Toni Luruc.

How rich is Simona Halep?

She made a net worth of US $2 million.

What is Simona Halep’s real name?

Simona Halep

When does Simona Halep celebrate her birthday?

On the 27th of every September.

How much does Simona Halep weight?

Her weight is 110 lbs (50 kg).

How tall is Simona Halep?

Her tall is 5’5” (167 cm).

Who are Simona Halep’s parents?

Her parents were Steer Halep and Tania Halep.

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