Who is Vanessa Hanson ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Vanessa Hanson or familiar, greeted with name Vanessa, is a model and proud octagon girl America. Vanessa was born on April 13, 1991 (age: 32 years old in 2023) in California America United States.

Her career started in 2005; however popularity highest succeeded when Vanessa joined in Becomes octagon girls in UFC.

Biography & Wiki

Real Vanessa has a proportion, ideal body and professional decide to become a model. Besides, that, Vanessa also decides to follow the audition as octagon girls together with her friends.

Vanessa’s career as a starting model 2005 continued to improve; she appeared in magazines as a mainstay cover, some magazine prestigious ever display Vanessa’s photos are GQ, Cosmopolitan and Maxim.

No, only that, Vanessa too trusted to become various brand ambassadors, brand clothes famous and product sport. Vanessa does too have many followers on social media, use it to promote various existing product intertwine work, same with him.

Because she often comes on stage sexy as holder board competition in UFC events, a lot of hopeful fans that Vanessa opened. Only fans site.

In 2010, Vanessa opened the site Only Fans and succeeded in getting many followers in a short time. Even the wrong magazine Adult Maxim often covers Vanessa’s activities.

Who is Vanessa Hanson ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Physical Appearance

Vanessa has a tall body of 170 cm and a heavy 52 kg body. Proportional appearance makes Vanessa a lot awaited by viewers UFC match . Vanessa has long, wavy hair colored chocolate, and eyeballs. chocolate. Love woman use clothes sexy this always show form her body with many show sexy pose.


Woman descendants from Mexico, Germany, and Norway; this has one older brother called the frequent Erica seen in social media uploads. Besides, that’s it, fans, no knowing other information regarding information, life, second person, old Vanessa, or life member family other.

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Boyfriend & Husband

Clever Vanessa socializes and intertwine friendship with many people, himself known as happy child and smart melt atmosphere. Though close and intertwined friendships with many men, Vanessa has not once announced her romance to the public. So that fans no knowing information in a manner certain about figure suspected man intertwine connection with Vanessa.

Net Worth

How about Vanessa Hanson Net Worth? The amount owned by Vanessa is of US $2 million. Besides that’s Vanessa too success have many luxury properties for period ahead, wrong, only one is with have house and apartment in California.

Trivia & Facts

Vanessa has been in model management since joining as an octagon girl. Vanessa be wrong one girl always a mainstay appear on each match, because presence always awaited by viewer man.

Vanessa always guards her body with many activity sports and diligently goes to the gym. Wrong one preferred sport by Vanessa is running and yoga.

No, only sport, Vanessa too, very like to consume food. Vanessa has a lot to do with culinary tasting food typical of other areas and cooking alone.

Vanessa, too, known for high fashion sense, luxurious goods, and clothes purchased by Vanessa. Even Vanessa has more than 100 pairs of clothes, often sexy, used for on duty as an octagon girl.

Not only popular with style in her life. Vanessa too, is known as a woman who has a kind heart. Vanessa often does charity and donations for in donate to people in need.

Besides, that’s Vanessa, too, loves talking about pets, specifically dogs, and cats. Vanessa owns many followers on social media; many convey positive messages, and socialization for love animal pet.

In an interview with American media, Vanessa revealed that becoming an octagon girl is a peak career and source of highest income for him. Vanessa feels proud to be a part of an event UFC match.


Vanessa did it intertwine work same and became a brand ambassador with products famous like Joico, TJ Maxx and Sketchers. Vanessa be wrong one successful model extend contract work same with company famous with show results sale highest.

Vanessa registered as the most popular model by Forbes and Business Insider 2017-2019.

FAQs of Vanessa Hanson

Who is Vanessa Hanson?

She is a model and an octagon girl.

How Old is Vanessa Hanson?

She is 32 years old (as of 2023).

Why is Vanessa Hanson famous?

Because of her beauty when she was an octagon girl.

Who is Vanessa Hanson Boyfriend or Husband?

She does not reveal any details about her partner.

How rich is Vanessa Hanson?

She made a net worth of US $2 million.

What is Vanessa Hanson’s real name?

Vanessa Hanson.

When does Vanessa Hanson celebrate her birthday?

On the 31th of every April.

How much does Vanessa Hanson weight?

Her weight is 176 lbs (80 kg).

How tall is Vanessa Hanson?

Her tall is 5’6” (170 cm).

Who are Vanessa Hanson’s parents?

She does not reveal any details about her parents.

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