Who is Larissa Liveir ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Larissa Liveir or familiar greeted with the name Larissa, is a musician and Youtuber from canal YouTube named Larissa Livier Official. Larisa was born on November 29, 2001, (year: 22 years old in 2023) in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, and has already started a plunge into world entertainment since 8 years old.

Biography & Wiki

Since small Larissa is very like music, himself interested in the bidang art of music, so decided to study music and sing. Moment 8 years old. Larissa started many fill-in activities everyday with learning music.

Moments 17 years old, Larissa decided to learn music via the internet. The first thing that Larissa learned was music melodies, and songs, musical instruments to process creation again.

Larisa started mastering the instruments and ladder song moment 18 years old. This ability makes Larissa successful, creating some of her musical instruments alone. Besides, that, technique-owned vocals make Larissa appear interesting, and bring out every cover song.

On activities like this, Larissa decided to upload many activities in making music through social media Instagram. Lots feeling followers interested for follow Larissa’s activities, so that Larissa, too, concurrently as a celebrity and musician beginner.

Beginning success of Larissa Berula as Larissa decided to make account Youtube named Larissa Liveir year 2020. Canal YouTube, contains content as well as music videos covering songs owned by famous musicians. Ability vocals performed make Larissa become cover-most songs watched by public.

Besides, getting success on Instagram and Youtube, Larissa too, started managing account TikTok and uploading lots of interesting videos about music. Larissa is successful, and gets praise in every appearance.

Who is Larissa Liveir ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Physical Appearance

Larisa has tall body 170 cm weight 58 kg with appearance hair black long wavy. Larissa has eyeballs colored black and very contrast with skin white; its clean. One interesting thing about Larissa is that she has a charming smile with her flawless makeup look. Larissa, too, has a characteristic form of hourglass body that is considered interesting as well as beautiful by fans.


Woman, Brazilian citizen raised in Minas and use up period small there. Besides that, fans also get information about life from the person and the Larissa family. It seems that Larissa is very guarded information about her family by guarding the security and convenience, of every member family.


The same case with information closed family. Larissa to keep it a secret life personal and privacy, including story of her romance. Though seen close with a number of man, not yet something confirmed by Larissa as her lover.

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Net Worth

Amount thriving wealth collected by Larissa is of US$2 million. Besides that, Larissa also once became a brand ambassador for a well-known musical instrument. During a number of months.

Trivia & Facts

Different musicians spend time learning music through class, especially music, musical abilities possessed by Larissa obtained in a manner independent and self-taught. Larissa hasn’t once joined in any music class, all capabilities pure because studying himself alone.

Very proficient play music genres of rock, metal, blues, pop and electronics. What a skill this success brings convenience for Larissa so she can always come on stage perfect in every appearance.

Larisa to succeed complete education; the last at the Private School of Minas Gerais Brazil. Larisa is known as a student who is diligent, achievers, active, and clever. Larisa often becomes a representative school for coming on stage in various important programs.

Larisa is a devout Christian and often does charity activities. Routine Larisa donates income to help, children go to school for free and women in need of help.

It’s been a long fall in the world of music, too, making Larissa master many musical instruments. Such as: piano, guitar, drums and bass. That’s Larisa, too proficient at drawing and likes to learn. However, moment experience -saturated, Larissa always takes advantage of it for playing video games.

Larisa is known as a creative musician and has a unique style of music, with so much Larissa gets followers at a time fan. Public often disclose that Larissa ‘s appearance is very similar with Sophia Burrell and Sophia Lloyd.

Always Larisa train music at least 3 hours deep divided day in four fields, that is, train song, improvisation music, technique guitar until with theory scale.

Very Larisa idolized The Killers, Pearl Jam, Arctic Monkeys, The Smiths, Nirvana and Jimmy Hrmdrix.

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Larissa is a musician who doesn’t play concerts, but plays music and becomes famous on social media platforms.

FAQs of Larissa Liveir

Who is Larissa Liveir?

She is a musician and Youtuber.

How Old is Larissa Liveir?

She is 22 years old (as of 2023).

Why is Larissa Liveir famous?

Because of the music video content created.

Who is Larissa Liveir Boyfriend?

She does not reveal any details abaout her boyfriend.

How rich is Larissa Liveir?

She made a net worth of US $2 million.

What is Larissa Liveir’s real name?

Larissa Liveir

When does Larissa Liveir celebrate her birthday?

On the 29th of every November.

How much does Larissa Liveir weight?

Her weight is 128 lbs (58 kg).

How tall is Larissa Liveir?

Her tall is 5’6” (170 cm).

Who are Larissa Liveir’s parents?

She does not reveal any details about her parents.

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