Who is Eugenie Bouchard ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Eugenie Bouchard, or who have name complete Eugenie Genie Bounchard is a tennis player, proud professional field Canada. Eugenie was born on February 25, 1994 (age: 29 years old in 2023) in Westmount Quebec, Canada, and started her career since year 2009. Aspiring Eugenie as an athlete starts by focusing on making it happen past various activities.

Biography & Wiki

Ugenie indeed very like activity sport compared learning. Moments sit on my bench school, Eugenie really enthusiastic when joined in class sport, wrong, only one is football and tennis field.

Eugenie started to love tennis, himself decided to study more deeply and professionally with help from coach Nick Saviano. 5 year old Eugenie started reducing activity, playing it and more focused on training to play tennis.

Eugenie makes her first debut as an athlete past tournament in 2008 and professionally focused career as an athlete since 2009. Eugenie a lot to do competition sport prestigious and Keep going succeed Becomes winner with slash many performance proud.

Moments beginning pioneer career in junior class. Eugenie became tennis greatest ranking to 5 in junior class. Whereas for senior class, Eugenie now is at in ranking to 25 senior class in whole world.

Successful popularity achieved by Eugenie made a number of famous people interested in intertwine work, same with Eugenie. There are many contract exclusive and work same done by Eugenie, wrong; only one is Adidas and Nike brands.

Eugenie too, often uses social media to promote advertised product.

Who is Eugenie Bouchard ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Physical Appearance

Eugenie has tall body, 178 cm weight 61 kg with appearance hair long colored blonde and eyeballs blue. Eugenie has form perfect face with a pointed nose and pointy as well as bone protruding cheeks. Though very smile charming, Eugenie reveals that the wrong one-part-body according to him, not enough visible folds clear in her neck.

Eugene really avoided cigarettes to guard her health, though, so did Eugenie once in a while drink alcohol when currently partying with her best friend.

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Eugenie is a child of the couple Michael Bouchard and Julie Leclair. Eugenie has one sibling named William Bouchard and two sibling women named Beatrice Bouchard and Charlotte Bouchard. Eugenie lives in scope, very family harmonious and compact. Everyone always supports activity one each other and have one similarity that is like sport.


Eugenie announced has intertwine connection with Men named Luke Bridget in 2012, one year after then connection; both of them reported a break without obvious reasons. Reportedly connection, between both of them caused because exist affair; however issue this no once confirmed.

In the year 2013, Eugenie became known, intertwined with Alex Galchenyuk, a relationship both of them endure until now, and the more romantic looks passed by many uploaded posts on social media.

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Net Worth

The amount of successful wealth collected by Eugenie is of US$4 million. Eugenie has a luxurious apartment living together her family.

Trivia & Facts

Eugenie completed her education in Montreal Quebec Canada, and became a graduate of best. Women are still active in studying. Eugenie often follows sports campus and becomes a representative campus. Eugenie is popular, because she follows many activities and club sports.

No, only sports, Eugenie turns out, to have very academic ability, ok. Himself very interested in learning mathematics and science, even Eugenie used to have a desire to become a doctor.

Besides that, Eugenie too, like reading books and novels as well as news. Eugenie is too diligent to do sport swimming and entertain herself with shopping and vacation.

Eugene really idolized player Roger Federer tennis, and many watched Roger’s matches as entertainment. Eugenie to idolize musician named the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber.


Eugenie did horrendous fans on her actions are not want to shake hands with opponent played Alexandra Sul gheru moment To do competition championship. Consequence of her actions. Eugenie considered applying no politeness and considered proud as well as arrogant. Not only that, Eugenie and Alexandra too involved in hostility for a number of years.


Along her journey in career, Eugenie has obtained many titles and proud achievements. Like: one title WTA singles, six ITF title, won 208 matches.

In 2014-2017, Eugenie was crowned as Player Tennis Woman Best of WTA. Even her name also entered in survey institute as player most talented tennis.

FAQs of Eugenie Bouchard

Who is Eugenie Bouchard?

She is a Canadian professional tennis player.

How Old is Eugenie Bouchard?

She is 29 years old (as of 2023).

Why is Eugenie Bouchard famous?

Because winning of many tennis matches.

Who is Eugenie Bouchard Boyfriend?

Her boyfriend is Alex Galchenyuk.

How rich is Eugenie Bouchard?

She made a net worth of US $4 million.

What is Eugenie Bouchard’s real name?

Eugenie Genie Bounchard.

When does Eugenie Bouchard celebrate her birthday?

On the 25th of every February.

How much does Eugenie Bouchard weight?

Her weight is 134 lbs (60 kg).

How tall is Eugenie Bouchard?

Her tall is  5’8” (178).

Who are Eugenie Bouchard’s parents?

Her parents are Michael Bouchard and Julie Leclair.

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