Who is Paige Vanzant ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Paige Vanzant, or who have name complete Paige Michelle Vanzant is martial athlete and the famous American model with many performance proud. Paige was born on March 16, 1994 ( age: 29 years old in 2023) in Dundee, Oregon, America Union and decided to plunge career in 2010.

Biography & Wiki

Paige started her career by becoming a star model for advertisements. Paige appears first time in advertisement mop for Bissell products, emergence that also succeed interesting attention public, though himself at first aspire want to Becomes dancer.

Paige first moved to Sparks Nevada, to be a dance studio to develop her dance ability. But Paige did find a place for UFC veteran Ken Shamrock’s gym workout. Paige feels interested in deciding to enter and start practicing boxing as well as defending herself.

When Paige, 18 years old, she was appointed by trainer, to defend himself for start follow competition fight and succeed end. Becomes winner. Good fight making Paige makes her acting debut in MMA professionally in 2012.

In the win on MMA fight, Paige in 2013 on an ongoing basis officially became part of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) together with eleven woman other. Appearance and Paige’s action in the ring succeed interesting audience, name increasingly Becomes Becomes popular and succeed get many fan.

2015 Paige for challenge for the first time contract as brand ambassador for Reebok, Nike and Columbia Sportswer products. Paige becomes the wrong one successful fighter as a brand ambassador.

On beginning Become a fighter, Paige has joined in class divide Straw. Then in 2017, Paige was successful level up and officially joined Division class fly, at this level Paige has to oppose more fighters, senior women and great.

Paige is getting a complete journey, of her career to release a book entitled Rise: Surviving the Fight of My Life in 2018. Book this tell journey Paige’s career with full message positive for reader.

Who is Paige Vanzant ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Physical Appearance

This woman of nationality America, have tall body 163 cm and weight 57 kg. Paige had shoulder-length hair colored chocolate and eyeballs colored chocolate, so her body as a wrestler looked very strong. Paige suffered a decent back injury to do the match, time in period. Paige’s recovery was a positive attack on a sinus infection.

Paige confessed that she has to do operation enlargement. P this already Becomes her wish for a long time because feel not enough believe self with size her breasts back.

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Paige grew up in Sherwood Oregon, in scope respecting family artist. Paige’s parents have studio dance and always teach Paige to dance. A number of dances taught to Paige include ballet, jazz, and hip-hop. Though, so, Paige is known as a tomboy, since sitting on my bench at school basic.


Paige decided to marry the lover who is a professional MMA fighter and NAIA All American wrestler named Austin Vanderford. Both of them decided to marry in 2018, located in village period little Paige. Now they are having a happy life together in an apartment, luxurious and second pet. There are also many moments of the affection Paige shared via social media.

Net Worth

The amount of successful wealth collected by Paige as a martial athlete and model is US$2 million.

Trivia & Facts

Paige is known to be very tomboyish like activity-related odors with natural free, like ride, a dirt bike and fishing. However, because of nature, her tomboy. Paige did get action intimidation and discrimination moment, sitting on my bench school because appearance her physique considered too different from other children.

Moment is at in field play match. Paige is known many use aggressive grappling technique moment compete so that succeed defeat many enemy.

Although experiencing a career journey that is not easy, Paige will always be grateful for the opportunity to career in any field. Like sports, art and modeling.

On her social media, Paige rarely shares positive messages with fans. Paige too, attempted to give impact and influence positive for fans.

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A number of list name fighter women who have become Paige’s opponents are : Jordan Nicole Gaza, Amber Stautzenbergerm Tecia Torres, Kailin Curran, Felice Herrig, Alex Chamber, Joana Calderwood, Bec Rawling, Michelle Waterson and Jessica Eye

FAQs of Paige Vanzant

Who is Paige Vanzant?

She is a martial athlete and model from America.

How Old is Paige Vanzant?

She is 29 years old (as of 2023).

Why is Paige Vanzant famous?

Because winning of many martial arts fights.

Who is Paige Vanzant Husband?

Her husband is Austin Vanderford.

How rich is Paige Vanzant?

She made a net worth of US $2 million.

What is Paige Vanzant’s real name?

Paige Michelle Vanzant.

When does Paige Vanzant celebrate her birthday?

On the 16th of every March.

How much does Paige Vanzant weight?

Her weight is 126 lbs (57 kg).

How tall is Paige Vanzant?

Her tall is 5’3” (163 cm).

Who are Paige Vanzant’s parents?

She does not reveal any details about her parents.

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