Who is Mia Khalifa ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Mia Khalifa or familiar faces greeted with Mia’s name, are ex-porn video players, onlyfans star, tiktok star, model and celebrity from Lebanese . Mia was born on February 10, 1993 (year: 30 years old in 2023) in Lebanon and decided to start her career in world pornography.

Though has decided to stop from world pornography, Mia, is really very famous as a porn video player compared to other porn video players.

Biography & Wiki

In 2014, Mia decided to plunge into world pornography and career there. Appearance and perfect physique make Mia successful, and get many viewers on every porn video of hers. Even Mia became most porn actress watched, Mia ever steal public attention because use hijab moment to do scene mature.

In 2015 Mia decided to stop from world pornography and try a career in other fields. Mia decided to stop because get many criticism until threat murder because of her appearance.

After a stop from world pornography, Mia decided to work as a security book for 3 months before starting to get bid for becoming a model.

Mia gets bids and is intertwined with work with Webcam magazine during her one year stint as a model. After that Mia too get bid for appear in many advertisement short.

Mia is getting a complete journey as a model with becoming a clothing brand ambassador or product electronics. Mia continues chance to extend her career as a model.

Not until there, Mia was too trusted for Becomes carrier program field sport at Complex Networks. Mia too, busy managing social media Instagram and YouTube.

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Who is Mia Khalifa ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Physical Appearance

Woman Lebanese American citizen Union this have tall body 170 cm weight 50 kg. Mia has hair, long, long, wavy, colored chocolate, and eyeballs chocolate. Mia’s long nose and supported eyebrows with black thickness make Mia always look sexy on every appearance. Mia too often dresses sexy so that highlights a number of form her body.


Woman followers of the Catholic religion this very guard information about life second person old and her family. Mia revealed that she wants to protect and make sure every member family is safe from the threat of the previous murder Mia got.


Mia intertwine contact and decide for marry with the lover named Robert Sandbert in year 2020. Both first met in 2018 and decided to become a pair husband-wife two years later. Sadly, the connection, between both of them now lasts long. Mia and Robert decide to separate in 2022. Lots of negative issues exist when that causes both of them to parted ways; however, news of this no once confirmed by Mia’s or Robert’s side.

On Instagram, Mia announced that himself middle -aged intertwined connection with Jay Cortez at year 2022. Though connection between both of them is new, however, there is many moment romantic and togetherness of the two.

Net Worth

Amount successful wealth collected by Mia is of $2 million – $10 million.

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Trivia & Facts

Though she has decided to stop her career in the field of pornography, Mia’s porn videos arrived now still watched and produce many income. Mia has film More of 100 porn videos and everything succeed watched by millions fans, even Mia became wrong one most favorite porn actress in year 2014.

Mia succeeded in completing her education at the last in University of Texas at El Paso. Moment still Becomes student, Mia is known as child who has association broad. Mia too very smart socialize so that known by many force student.

Besides, having an appearance, beautiful physique, Mia turns out, to have an interesting fashion sense. It is known that Mia is so like shopping and sometimes willing to buy luxury goods. Mia does use up the money to buy capable clothes, clothing that highlights the impression of being sexy.

Mia owns followers on social media, often uploading many moments, and activities everyday. Mia too, always communicates with fans past her social media comments.


Mia has reported being involved in weddings from 2011-2014; however sadly public no knowing identity of her husband. Mia too, always dodge if asked about news this, so public. Keep going, feel curious with life period then Mia.

Mia has gotten criticism from religious figures for using porn videos hijab. This suspected injure name good Religious owners who use hijab as identity, the culture.

Year 2020 exists petition that wants Mia’s porn videos removed from site pornography. Even a petition this has been signed by more than 1 ,5 million.

FAQs of Mia Khalifa

Who is Mia Khalifa?

She is an ex-porn actress, model, onlyfans star, tiktok star, and celebrity.

How Old is Mia Khalifa?

She is 30 years old (as of 2023).

Why is Mia Khalifa famous?

Because Mia has more than 100 porn videos and all of them have been watched by millions of people.

Who is Mia Khalifa Boyfriend?

Her boyfriend is Jay Cortez..

How rich is Mia Khalifa?

She made a net worth of US $2 million – $10 million.

What is Mia Khalifa’s real name?

Mia Khalifa.

When does Mia Khalifa celebrate her birthday?

On the 10th of every February.

How much does Mia Khalifa weight?

Her weight is 110 lbs (50 kg).

How tall is Mia Khalifa?

Her tall is 5’6” (170 cm).

Who are Mia Khalifa’s parents?

She does not reveal any details about her parents.

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